I grew up between textiles and embroidery machines so it’s no coincidence that I would land up in that industry.

Way before the streetwear cosmos as what it is today, skateboarding touched my heart and for the first time I got to know something like a specific style, a way to express yourself through clothing. Back then we watched a lot of skate videos from the US.

It was in the way the loose clothes underlined the overall smooth skate style of different riders that fascinated me.

I sold some old star wars kits to buy a camera that I captured many years full of friendship, great places and of course skateboarding itself with.



After a few years I felt the desire to create more for this culture than my skate videos so I began to design and produce the first few textile pieces.

In the beginning it was just a thing for me and my homies but it started a fire in me that many years later would lead me to open a small designer vintage store with my best friend in our hometown.



PLUGROOM was born!

A place for creative people that brings love to different industries. Using this creative space to connect and express themselves in all kinds of ways.



It quickly expanded to an independent streetwear brand after we dropped our first four collections in 2019 and 2020.

What’s special about this company is that we did all the textile refining like screen printing, direct embroidery and sewing by ourself right from the beginning and still do, to reduce our ecological footprint and offer the highest quality standard.



„Room for imagination.“ - that is what we create.
We always design our items with the purpose of activating our customers creativity to find his/her/its own interpretation of it.